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Grande Prairie North

Listing ID 1971
Company Canadian Natural Resources Limited
Status For Sale
Year Built 1973
Condition C

Equipment Information

Manufacturer BS&B

Pricing Information


Serial Numbers

A# 80683
CRN# B8744.2
Serial# 73246-001


Operating Area Grande Prairie North


Electric Desalter


96" X 23'


300 #


CRN# B8744.2 with serial # 73246-001 A No. 80683

Drawing No. 31s-CL-9045

Mfg. Ser. No. 73246-001

CNR# B8744.2 with Melloy reference# F90-13

Unit was re-rated by Melloy associates in 1990.

- Built by B,S & B Black Sivalls & Bryson Ltd. of Edmonton

- Built in 1973

- Out of service since 2001

- Vessel with manways on the side as well as at the end. 24” manway

- Upgraded and certified to 600 psi at 250 degrees F New name plate issued in 1990.

- Original MOP is designed to 300 psi at 250 degrees F

- Corrosion allowance is 0.125

- Electrical system is 240/480 V with estimated 30 amp usage.

Shell material is SA516-70

Unit is fully insulated, including associated piping and mixing valves.

Unit is on saddles only, no skid, mounted to piers.

Electric grid system has its own walkway and ladder

Electric grid is AC.

Vessel was opened and inspected last in 2001 and was then preserved with Champion Corrosion inhibitor.

Unit is not internally coated.

Unit used to run at 80 to 100C. after an exchanger with a stabilizer.

From what I understand desalters are largely used to remove concentrated salt from crude oil streams, by injecting water to dilute the salt and remove it with the water phase.

Contact Information


Asset Recovery
Canadian Natural Resources Limited

2500, 855 - 2 Street S.W.
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 4J8